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Eighty percent of researchers in UNMC's large research enterprise are faculty members in the College of Medicine, creating opportunities for learners and breakthroughs for patients.

Research Opportunities

Grant opportunities and research resources are available to learners and faculty members.

Great Plains IDeA-CTR Network

This network of nine academic and medical institutions located throughout Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Kansas is committed to improving clinical and translational research, providing:

  • Innovative research partnerships
  • Pilot Grants and Scholar Awards for collaborative research
  • Sustainable and robust resources for clinical and translational research
  • Collaborative outreach to underserved populations
  • Educational and faculty development opportunities

The network is led by Principal Investigator Matt Rizzo, MD, FAAN, the Frances & Edgar Reynolds chair of the UNMC College of Medicine Department of Neurological Sciences.

Research studios – 60-minute sessions with a panel of experienced faculty  – are offered to junior investigators for brainstorming, review and refinement, and mock NIH reviews.

Great Plains IDeA-CTR website

Resources for Researchers

UNMC offers a range of services, cores, funding and other support through the Vice Chancellor for Research Office.

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A UNMC researcher works with zygotes in a lab.