Summer 2011

Multiomics Journal Club Schedule
Speaker Date Paper
San Ming Wang 05/25/2011 An overview of Dr. Wang's lab research.
Adam Cornish 06/01/2011 FusionMap: detecting fusion genes from next-generation sequencing data at base-pair resolution
Jeff Kittrell 06/08/2011 De Novo Assembly of Chickpea Transcriptome Using Short Reads for Gene Discovery and Marker Identification
Yeong C Kim 06/15/2011 Comparative Studies of de novo Assembly Tools for Next-generation Sequencing Technologies
Adrian A Epstein 06/22/2011 MGV: A Generic Graph Viewer for Comparative Omics Data
Akram Mohammed 06/29/2011 Error correction of high-throughput sequencing datasets with non-uniform coverage
Satish Mahadevan Srinivasan 07/06/2011 Exploiting maximal dependence decomposition to identify conserved motifs from a group of aligned signal sequences
Sanjit Pandey 07/13/2011 Using computational predictions to improve literature-based Gene Ontology annotations: a feasibility study
Robert B Norgren 07/20/2011 Web-Based Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Two Novel Loci and a Substantial Genetic Component for Parkinson's Disease
Babu Guda 07/27/2011 Detection of Lineage-Specific Evolutionary Changes among Primate Species
San Ming Wang 08/03/2011 Identify new germline mutations in familial breast cancer by exome sequencing
Suleyman Vural 08/10/2011 Prediction of Cell Penetrating Peptides by Support Vector Machines