Clinical Trials

UNMC Clinical Trials

As Nebraska’s only public academic medical center, The University of Nebraska Medical Center is poised and committed to handling the toughest and most cutting edge medical challenges in the region.  Through clinical trials, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine can help advance medicine and patient care by being at the forefront of medical development and healthcare.

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are research studies in which participants receive investigational drugs, devices or tests under the supervision of an investigator (physician in charge of the study) or other trained healthcare professionals.  Our investigators are involved in studies that will answer questions about diseases or conditions that affect their patients.  Some other terms that people use for clinical trials may be:

To find studies that are enrolling, patients and physicians can search the UNMC clinical trial database.

For researchers and research teams, fulfilling a study’s recruitment goals can be a difficult and tedious.  This webpage is a resource for research teams which provides recruitment guidelines, tips, processes, and templates to make the recruitment process easier and consistent for UNMC research teams.  Healthcare providers or patients can also search the UNMC Clinical Trials Databases to find a study specific to a particular condition or disease.