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Upcoming Speaker

Headshot of Max Kurz, PhD

Max Kurz, PhD

Senior Research Scientist at Boys Town National Research Hospital Institute for Human Neuroscience

“The Brain that Heals Itself”
April 2, 7pm @ Slowdown

Join Max Kurz, Ph.D., senior research scientist at Boys Town National Research Hospital Institute for Human Neuroscience, for the April 2 Omaha Science Café as he presents, “The Brain that Heals Itself,” 7pm at the Slowdown

Dr. Kurz will show how his research team is using neuroimaging and advanced engineering methods to identify the adaptations in the developing brains of children that incurred a brain injury at birth. He will subsequently share how his research team is using a neuroscience informed approach to develop new cutting-edge treatment strategies that are harnessing the enormous capacity of a child’s brain to heal itself.

Max Kurz, Ph.D., is a movement physiologist with over 110 scientific publications that have received more than 2,500 citations. His research spans from robotic rehabilitation, electrostimulation of the nerves of the tongue for balance, to the design of novel physical therapy approaches that spark changes in the brain and spinal cord.

His research has been funded by the United States’ National Institute of Health for over a decade and has uncovered numerous breakthroughs in our understanding of the key therapeutic ingredients for promoting beneficial changes in the brain.

Dr. Kurz’s discoveries have been highlighted in popular media news outlets such as the Discovery Channel, New York Times, London SUN and BBC World News. Furthermore, his scientific quest for identifying the optimal treatments for individuals with neurologic impairments has been featured in Norman Doidge’s book entitled “Brain’s way of Healing”, which was on the New York Times Bestseller’s list.

This café is in partnership with the Nebraska Science Festival (April 1-30, 2024) and platinum festival sponsor Boys Town.