Clinical Research Coordinators

The Center for Clinical and Translational Research offers annual training for the new clinical research coordinator and quarterly updates for experienced coordinators.

Clinical Research Coordinators

Clinical Coordinators Workshop (Intro to Clinical Research)  Provides training in all aspects related to being a research coordinator.  Provides opportunities for new coordinators to network with experienced coordinators.  Contact the Clinical Research Center for information on the next workshop.

Quarterly Research Updates for the Clinical Coordinator  A forum for the presentation of updates to research procedures and policies which effect clinical research.  The quarterly updates are held, winter, spring, summer, and fall and have an accompanying newsletter.  To register for an upcoming session or to receive the newsletter contact Deb Meyer (402-559-6941 or  email )

Research Coordinators and Other Professionals

Research Users Group (RUG)  Provides training on information technology related topics related to research.  Visit the RUG web site for upcoming programs.