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EBP and CER Resources

Networks & Outreach 
Service Centers 



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UNMC REDCAP Research Database Secure web application to build/manage online surveys and databases.
The Community Tool Box Free, online tools, instruments, guides for community based researchers, clinicians, and collaborators.
Toolkit for Collaboration on Social Determinants of Health  Instruments & best practices for community engagement. 
Toolkit for Community Action: National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities  Instruments and best practices for researchers and collaborators.
Toolkit for Review Criteria and Rating Scale in CBPR  For researchers/collaborators to measure their project level of collaboration.
Research   Comprehensive website for researchers & collaborators on community-based research.
AHRQ Health Extension Toolkit Instruments, training modules, Best Practices, resources for researchers,collaborators on PBRNs and CBPR. 

EBP and CER Resources

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Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS)

AHRQ application to provide primary care clinicians with decision support for patients using evidence-based practices

AHRQ Clinical Guidelines and Recommendations

Evidence-based research; recommendations and guidelines from U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

National Guideline Clearinghouse

Clinical guidelines using EBP as developed by American Medical Association, US DHHS, AHRQ.

Clinical recommendations based on patient age, sex, condition using EBP. Resources for clinicians and patients

Effective Health Care Program

AHRQ site with tools and resources on EBP and research reviews/reports. Clinician and patient resources.

Multicultural Resources

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Northern Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center

Corey Smith, PhD, MA  605-721-1922 ext 161 

EthnoMED — Integrating cultural information into clinical practice

Downloadable. translated patient education materials in various languages.
US DHHS Office of Minority Health Research links & publications on health improvement programs & policies. 
Families USA — Health Equity Links to research on MD/MC, children’s health, LTC, uninsured, private insurance, health equity.
National Diversity Council Resources to implement worksite diversity for research, education, mentoring. 
National Center for Cultural Competence Resources for health providers to design/evaluate culturally and linguistically competent service delivery. 
Health Information Translations

Free, downloadable translated patient education resources in various languages. 

MedlinePLUS Health Information in Multiple Languages

Free, downloadable translated health education materials.

NLM Healthy Roads Media 

Downloadable educational materials on health care, prevention, medical tests, medicines.

Translation of Research Related Documents

Campus offices for translation of research documents 
Nebraska Medicine Interpretive Services (402-559-8697) no charge
CRHD Translation Service (402-559-2095; Athena Ramos) fee for service

UNMC Center for Reducing Health Disparities 

Resources and services to promote health equity through research, education, engagement. 

Network Resources 

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 Nebraska Lymphoma Study Group

Collaborative network of UNMC clinicians and pathologists  and primary clinics throughout Nebraska and Midlands.  Julie Vose, MD, Director 402-559-3848 

 Rheumatoid Arthritis Investigational Network (RAIN)

James O'Dell, MD, Director 
RAIN Database PI: Kaleb Michaud, PhD  402-559-7239
RAIN Database Coordinator:  Debra Bergman  402-559-8846  


 AHRQ Practice Based Research Networks

Listing of primary care PBRNs and contact information.

 National Rural Health Association

Advances rural health through conferences, webinars, publications, newsletters. 

 AGRISafe Networks

Network of trained agricultural health and safety professionals/providers/clinics. Trainings & materials available.


Nebraska Public Health and Emergency Responders

Map and Coordinators/Directors contact information. 

RHEN (Rural Health Education Network) 

Builds partnerships to develop healthcare workforce in rural/underserved communities.Patrik Johansson, MD, MPH  402-559-8946  

UNL Cooperative Extension 

Statewide network of local extension offices. 

UNL Rural Futures Institute 

Focuses on building economic/ health vitality of rural region through conferences, RFI grant program.  

Nebraska Community Resource Directory 

Listing of statewide resources and contacts information. 

UNMC Centers & Resources

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College of Nursing Mobile Nursing Clinic Van


Research Information Technology Office 


Central States Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (CS-CASH)