University of Nebraska Medical Center

Clothing Tips for Recording

What you wear when recording can have a huge impact in your video.

Choosing the right outfit and accessories is important when filming in the EZStudio. Be sure to pick clothes suited to the content you'll be discussing, and follow these important tips.

Also, be sure to check out our green screen clothing tips for additional tips and tricks to make sure your video turns out the way you want. 

Important Dos & Don'ts

DO wear clothing that feels natural
If you feel confident and comfortable, that will be conveyed in the video.

DO wear solid colors
Neutral or deep colors, soft blues, and browns will work best. (Note: if you are using the gray background, avoid wearing a gray outfit of the same color). Darker colors are more flattering on camera.

DO wear subtle jewelry
Small and subtle silver and gold jewelry add personality without distraction.

DO lightly blot your face with a tissue
Dabbing your forehead with a cloth right before you start filming will remove the reflective shine from on-set lighting.

DO take off or hide your ID badge
Your UNMC or Nebraska Medicine badge can be distracting in your video.

DO NOT wear high-contrast clothing
High-contrast colors, like a bright pink shirt and black pants, can be distracting.

DO NOT wear stripes or patterns
They can be very distracting or cause wavy patterns or shimmers to appear on the film. This also applies to accessories, such as ties, bow ties, and scarves.

DO NOT wear shiny items
Shiny clothing and/or other accessories can reflect the lights and be distracting.

DO NOT wear jingly accessories
The sound from dangling hoop bracelets, chains or anything that may jingle or clink will get picked up by the microphone.

DO NOT wear sleeveless shirts
Wearing clothing that reveals a lot of skin can take the focus away from your face.