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Program Details

Funded Awards Program Participants

The Funded Awards Program is a collaborative partnership between faculty and students.

Faculty lead the projects with the commitment to incorporate the e-modules into their courses and consult with students to generate creative ideas; in turn, students offer engagement options and content development skills.

The E-Learning Funded Awards Program lasts from the fall to spring semesters. View the program schedule for important dates.

Quick Overview

Faculty lead the project 
Application process and content expertise is handled by faculty members.

2 – 4 students per team
Collaboration among interprofessional teams is encouraged.

$1,000 awarded per teams
Use it for project creation or student stipends.

Consultations with e-learning experts
Our E-Learning Instructional Designers and Technologists are on-hand for consultations and feedback along the way.

Topic choice determined by team 
Choose a topic to incorporate into the curriculum that focuses on information students find difficult to retain.

Free to choose type of interactivity 
Make the content memorable by incorporating gaming, quizzes — whatever creative features you choose.

Access to equipment and software 
Save time and money utilizing the free equipment and technology from the E-Learning Lab, plus get access to our bank of copyright-free stock photos.

“E-learning has made a positive impact for students and faculty. Students feel more engaged in the lectures and that the content is more realistic and relatable in the clinical setting. Faculty noted students were more prepared for class, able to apply information, and carried this information forward throughout the semester.”

Emily Coffey

Emily Coffey

Faculty Director in Cohort 10, College of Nursing