University of Nebraska Medical Center

Student Benefits

The E-Learning Program is your chance to leave a mark on health science education.

What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and you have in common?

The first two revolutionized the future with their inventions — and here's your chance to do the same. The E-Learning Funded Awards Program is your opportunity to help make challenging or foundational course content easier for future students to learn. 

  • Contribute to and enhance the curriculum
    The program is an opportunity for you to work with faculty to create an inventive way to improve the way challenging or foundational course content is taught.
  • Gain a better understanding of the topic
    Having to explain the content to someone else increases your long-term retention … and may even improve your assessment scores later.
  • Improve your CV
    Set yourself apart from the competition after graduation by showing ingenuity, drive and problem-solving skills.
  • Gain valuable teaching skills
    You will discover how to add interactivity to a course, which will be useful if you aspire to have a career in academia.

“The e-learning team was instrumental in facilitating the creative process and welcomed innovation with excitement. Having a professional team supporting us made producing the module a highlight of our time at UNMC.”

Andreas Remis

Andreas Remis

Student Participant in Cohort 10, College of Allied Health Professions