University of Nebraska Medical Center

Recording Setups

Choose the recording style that fits your needs.

There are three main recording setups in the EZStudio: presentation style, lightboard style and green screen style. Email us to schedule a demonstration of the studio.

Individual demonstrating in front of the EZStudio presentation monitor

Presentation Style

With monitor background
If you are recording a lecture, use the large monitor in the background to display your PowerPoint. There is also a clicker you can use to move through the presentation. 

With gray curtain background
This works if you are doing a stand-up presentation with no visuals (such as a speech or interview). Simply pull the gray curtain background until it covers the back wall and presentation monitor.


Individual demonstrating how to use the EZStudio lightboard

Lightboard Style

The lightboard is a clear glass board that uses lights and markers to make a face-to-face interactive presentation. It is similar to a classroom whiteboard, but the image is digitally flipped so the writing does not appear reversed.

The lightboard works best if you want to write terms and/or illustrate a concept (such as a chemical diagram or flow chart).

Learn more about the EZStudio lightboard.


Individual demonstrating in front of the EZStudio green screen

Green Screen Style

Use the green screen if you plan on having a virtual background. People typically use a green screen if they are doing a presentation or interview and want a unique or specific background, such as a clinical or lab setting.

Use your own image or select one of the EZStudio virtual backgrounds. Be sure to consult with E-Learning prior to recording your video.

Learn more about the EZStudio green screen.