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uBEATS Genetics Module for Grades 6-8

Mendelian Genetics

This genetics module covers the approaches to science that made Gregor Mendel's genetic experiments successful and how Punnett squares can be used to predict and evaluate the results of a genetic cross.

uBEATS virus module for grades 9-10

Viruses: Are they living?

This pathology and microbiology module explains how viruses work, why they are not considered living organisms and why they are sometimes described as being alive.

Person coughing with pollution in the background

Climate Change and Health

This public health module identifies the impacts of climate change and effective responses, as well as explains the importance of working collaboratively and across disciplines on climate and health issues.

uBEATS Cancer Module for Grades 6-12

Stages of Cancer

This module explains the stages of cancer, the names of the most common cancers, risk factors, symptoms, and protective factors for major cancer types.

Pharmacist getting medication of a shelf

Careers in Pharmacy

This module explains how pharmacy professionals  help solve real-world health problems, and discusses what classes students can take in high school to prepare for a pharmacy career.

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