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Showcase: Innovators in Education 2023

Join us in celebrating our 2022-2023 faculty and student developers.

The 2023 Innovators in Education E-Learning Showcase was held in-person this year, the first time since 2019. The live event drew over 100 people from across all colleges. A digital course of the projects was also made available for UNMC faculty, staff and students who were unable to attend. 

Attendees both in person and in the digital course were able to vote for the top modules. Although voting has closed, the digital course remains open. 

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Showcase Winners

More than 400 people voted, and three development teams were awarded top honors:

  • First Place: Codependency and Family Dynamics
    Developed by Linda M. Sobeski, PharmD, and Ashley Meacham and Carissa Wilson from the UNMC College of Pharmacy
  • Second Place and E-Learning Scorecard Best Practices: Stitching It Up: A Medical Student’s Guide to Suturing
    Developed by Olabisi Sheppard, MD, Micah Holloway, Shea Jeffres and Kelsey Tieken, MD, from the UNMC College of Medicine
  • Third Place: Bioinformatics of Gene Expression Repositories
    Developed by Jordan Rowley, PhD, Achyuth Kalluchi and Sahil Sethi from UNMC Graduate Studies