University of Nebraska Medical Center

Faculty Benefits

The E-Learning Funded Awards Program makes it easier to add interactivity to your courses.

Many students today prefer asynchronous or hybrid learning over a traditional classroom setting. But finding the time to build these materials can be difficult for already busy faculty members. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone — that's where the Funded Awards Program comes in. 

  • Partner with students to ease your workload 
    Students provide creativity and technology skills, you provide the content expertise.
  • Gain access to the E-Learning development team
    Instructional designers, instructional technologists and lab assistants help take your e-module to the next level.
  • Utilize E-Learning resources
    Equipment, software, copyright-free images and our scorecard for assessment make development easier.
  • Boost your CV/P&T portfolio with scholarly work
    Gain access to UNMC research educators to help turn your innovation into publication. Learn how you can use E-Learning for promotion and tenure.

“The program was so helpful! I would love to make more interactive cases like this, but finding the time and resources to do so can be challenging. This program allows faculty to improve the curriculum while students get to take a deep dive into a topic while adding their learner perspectives.”

Dr. Megan Frazee

Megan Frazee, DPT

Faculty Director in Cohort 10, College of Allied Health Professions