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Using for Promotion & Tenure

Use your e-learning experience to enhance your portfolio for promotion and tenure.

Developing just one e-module is a time commitment, particularly for already busy faculty. So, it is no wonder that faculty repurpose their e-learning projects beyond enhancing classroom learning.

Five easy ways to use e-learning for career advancement

Check out these five tips for leveraging your e-learning experience, according to Dr. Betsy Becker, a faculty member who recently used e-learning to achieve tenure:

  1. Show teaching excellence by highlighting the innovative teaching methods the e-module provides.
  2. Build data gathering and outcome features into the modules to assess the project’s efficacy for learners.
  3. Take advantage of UNMC E-Learning resources to enhance your scholarly work, such as using data from the E-Gallery to track impact or working with education researchers.
  4. Maximize your efforts by presenting on “how to” or “lessons learned” sessions at the national and international levels to interprofessional audiences.
  5. Create an e-portfolio with interactivity, sound, and video examples to showcase your sustained teaching and scholarly activity over time and how the e-learning project dissemination (E-Gallery, manuscripts, presentations, etc.) advances the reputation of UNMC.
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“E-learning projects offer ample opportunities to show both teaching excellence (e.g., innovative teaching methods, peer review, student feedback, usage, etc.) and scholarly activity, such as grant support, presentations or publications about student outcomes.”

Dr. Betsy Becker

Betsy J. Becker, DPT, PhD

Faculty Participant in Cohort 2, 3 & 8, College of Allied Health Professions