University of Nebraska Medical Center


We serve as a guidepost for all UNMC colleges and campuses, collaborating on both curricular and extramural projects.

With more than 550 participants and 260 modules created, E-Learning offers faculty, staff and students the opportunity to create innovative e-modules that maximize critical thinking and retention.

Plus, we have formed national and global partnerships and continue to work with the UNMC Training, Simulation and Quarantine Center to improve training for federal personnel.

Mission & Vision
The mission of the Office of Interactive E-Learning is to inspire, guide and support faculty, staff and student partners in the creation of engaging digital experiences for diverse audiences. It is our vision to elevate health science education through extraordinary digital experiences.

Benefits of Using E-Learning

  • Increases retention because elements like videos, quizzes and games keep students engaged
  • More personalized learning because students can learn at their own pace
  • Increases student collaboration, especially across medical professions
  • Students receive a consistent message delivered in a consistent manner
  • Increases student-teacher interaction because there is more dialogue in a flipped classroom format than in a large lecture course