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Why uBEATS Was Created

The future of the health sciences and STEM workforce starts now.

The common thread between all STEM and health sciences careers is that, in their unique ways, they extend and enrich our lives. These roles contribute to shaping the face of public health, promoting healthy lifestyles and keeping the people we love in our lives longer.

They are incredibly important jobs, and it is incredibly important to fill them with caring, competent and committed people.

The strongest foundation for fulfilling this mission is early education. For students interested in STEM and health sciences, uBEATS is a beacon saying, "Start here."

Developing future members of the health sciences and STEM professional community starts long before college. 

Beginning this education in grades 6-12 offers a head start to develop a brighter, more engaged and robust STEM and health sciences community in the future — but students do not always have access to the resources they need to succeed.

uBEATS bridges this gap by providing a free resource for students across Nebraska and beyond. Developing this future workforce reduces the likelihood of future labor gaps and unmet health care needs, particularly in rural communities and underserved urban areas.

uBEATS offers a pathway forward

To help students develop the knowledge necessary for an incredible future in health care, we created UNO & UNMC Building Excellence in Academics Through STEM, a free, online science and health science resource. 

uBEATS offers educators across the US interactive e-modules designed specifically for grades 6 – 12. Content is paired with teacher guides on cancer, careers, genetics, pathology and microbiology, pharmacology, public health and academic success. 

A partnership built on collaboration and educational innovation

The project is driven by a collaborative partnership between the UNMC High School Alliance, UNMC E-Learning and the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

uBEATS brings together health science faculty, instructional designers and technologists, high school educators and college students to leverage the expertise necessary to create an engaging and unique online resource.

Since 2018, we've received generous support from The Elenore Gakemeier Swarts eLearning Fund, the Claire M. Hubbard Foundation, the Chancellor’s Math & Science Program Fund, the NU Collaboration Grant and an anonymous donation through the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Their generous support helps ensure uBEATS education is accessible to all students regardless of their location or financial situation.

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uBEATS Examples

uBEATS Examples

View sample modules to see how uBEATS fits into your curriculum.