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Creative Coaching is designed specifically for UNMC faculty. Learn more about the program and schedule a session with one of our trained coaches.

The Office of Faculty Development offers coaching services for faculty to improve their performance and effectiveness. We have trained more than 20 UNMC faculty who are ready to meet with you to discuss your career goals.

Through the Creative Coaching program, we aim to foster a coaching culture at UNMC that:

  • Advances academic excellence
  • Demonstrates an organizational commitment to talent development
  • Empowers individuals
  • Improves patient care and satisfaction


Coaching Model

The Process

To obtain an internal coach for yourself or a member of your unit or department, please follow these steps:

  1.  Determine if coaching is right for you/the member of your unit.
  2.  Browse the coach directory.
  3. Complete the intake form
  4. Additional information may be requested. You will then be paired with a coach.
  5. Once paired, the coach will reach out to discuss details, including but not limited to meeting dates and frequency, desired topics, and preferred methods of communication.

To request an external coach, please follow these steps:

  1.  Email Faculty Development at facdev@unmc.edu
  2.  Tell us more about your specific need and expected outcomes. We will help connect you with someone within our trusted network of trained coaches.


All requests are treated as strictly confidential. The Creative Coaching program is intended to be used for developmental purposes. It is not recommended for discipline or remediation.

“[My time with my coach] was the most fabulous, helpful 75 minutes I have spent with anyone in a long time. [My coach] was engaged and attentive, and shared many thoughtful insights to help me as I go forward on my journey as a physician and as a human being. I found [my coach] to be kind, intelligent, full of empathy, and willing to help someone who is dealing with burnout.”

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