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Active Learning Approaches

Educators and learners in active simulation suite

Active learning centers around learner engagement, where students interact with the teacher and each other and apply what they are learning during class instead of just listening passively and taking notes.

Some active learning approaches include:

Interactive Lectures

Looking to boost student engagement, even in large classrooms? Want to avoid having learners passively listening and taking notes? Here are a few ways to make your lectures and class time more interactive:

Interactive Lecture Tools

View the top interactive lecture tools recommended by the Office of Faculty Development.

Interactive Lecture Tips

Watch these videos for tips on keeping students engaged and adjusting your lecture approach:

Peer Reviewed Papers

Students can learn a great deal about a topic and what makes a good paper by grading some themselves. See how faculty are incorporating grading written assignments into a very large class in this video.

Blended Learning

Blended learning combines interactive opportunities found in classroom teaching with technologically enhanced active learning in online formats.

Interactive E-Learning Program

The Interactive E-Learning Program at UNMC offers faculty and students the opportunity to create innovative e-modules that are incorporated into the UNMC curriculum. Learn about funding opportunities and get resources to create your own e-module at the Interactive E-Learning Program website.

"Flipped" Classroom

A "flipped" class inverts the typical education process so that students gain knowledge before class and instructors guide students interactively to apply that knowledge during class.


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