Interprofessional Clinical Simulation

Clinical Simulation

Simulation provides risk-free training environments, enabling learners to practice skills and achieve acceptable levels of competency before moving on to real patient situations. Level 2 of the Davis Global Center will bring the latest interprofessional simulation technologies to the fingertips of faculty, staff and learners, and will bridge the gap between didactic learning and actual patient care. Current simulation resources include:

SCSL   Sim-NE Truck
Sorrell Clinical Simulation Lab
A multi-disciplinary clinical skills resource lab providing simulation and training opportunities for students and health care professionals. 

Simulation in Motion-Nebraska SIM-NE
UNMC and the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust created SIM-NE to provide on-site training to emergency medical services (EMS) providers and rural critical access hospitals using four mobile simulation learning laboratories. iEXCEL collaborates with SIM-NE to provide training opportunities using simulation across the state.