Nebraska Area Health Education Center Program

Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

AHECs are created through community/state/Federal partnerships as a way in which medical schools and community health centers can cooperate to recruit and train health care professionals to serve in rural areas.

Students to health careers


Since 2001, Nebraska Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) have had over 74,000 contacts with students in grades kindergarten through college. Classroom presentations, career fairs, job shadowing programs, health career materials these are just a few of the ways the Nebraska AHECs are recruiting students to health careers in Nebraska.

Health professionals to communities

Health ProfessionalsSince 2001, Nebraska AHECs have had over 1,000 contacts to increase student training opportunities in community-based settings and over 11,000 contacts to assist professionals with continuing education programs.


Communities to better health

Since 2001, Nebraska AHECs have provided more than $225,000 in small community grants to help over 300 organizations address health needs in their local areas.

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