Michael Moxley, Ph.D.


Michael Moxley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of chemistry
University of Nebraska at Kearney

Lincoln, NE

Year you joined the INBRE program: 2020 

Research focus? Biochemistry (Mechanistic Enzymology/Systems biology) 

Goal of your research? Determine the kinetic impact of protein acetylation on enzymes in central metabolism. 

Your research will make a difference because? We can better understand how observations at the proteomic level impact the single enzyme level, which allows us to construct more accurate hypotheses of how metabolism is affected by these post-translational modifications. 

Why is it important to mentor undergraduate students? Most undergraduate students, seeking a science major, do not obtain any research experience since they are very busy taking classes. However, the forefront of learning, especially in science, is guided by research. I believe if an undergraduate student can have a small research experience to gain an appreciation for this it is valuable throughout their careers even if they will not be conducting research in their career. 

Three things people may not know about you.  

  1. I have five kids.  
  2. My research combines experimental work and computational modeling. 
  3. Although I mostly grew up in NE, I was born in southeastern Missouri, and most of my extended family lives in St. Louis, MO area.