Paul W. Denton, Ph.D.

PaulDenton.jpg Paul W. Denton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
University of Nebraska at Omaha

 This answer is long because I move many times as a child. I was born in East Texas and graduated high school in North Louisiana. 

Year you joined the INBRE program: 2020 

Research focus? My lab is striving to develop novel immunotherapy strategies that better harness the therapeutic potential of natural killer (NK) cells, particularly in the case of blood cancers. 

Goal of your research? Individual patient responses to immunotherapy can vary. A major goal of our work is to determine the mechanism(s) that govern such differential responses to immunotherapy. 

Your research will make a difference because? We will advance anti-cancer immunotherapy opportunities to benefit blood cancer patients. We believe that our findings will have broader applications in the treatments of other cancer types and possibly infectious diseases, too. 

Why is it important to mentor undergraduate students? Undergraduate students are wonderful lab workers! They bring enthusiasm and new ideas to the laboratory. Undergraduate student researchers solidify classroom learning with hands-on experience in the context of making substantial contributions to their research field. 

Three things people may not know about you.  

  1. I am an amateur birdwatcher. 
  2. I have lived in 7 of the 50 states and in 3 countries. 
  3. If I was not a scientist, I would be a historian.