University of Nebraska Medical Center

5th NeVRNER Annual Meeting Highlights

On August 13, 2021, more than 30 participants attending our 5th “Virtual” Annual Meeting. Seven phenomenal individual/groups presented the use of simulation, virtual reality or 360 video to enrich medical education and research. If you were not able to attend, please check out the recorded sessions!

Dr. Schuelke from UNMC College of Nursing discussed about the use of immersive VR for healthcare education. (Recorded Video)
Dr. Kotcherlakota from UNMC College of Nursing presented the AR Primer for Educators in Nursing and related health professions. (Recorded Video)
Dr. Beam and Dr. Ricks presented adapting to alternate interaction modalities during the COVID Pandemic. (Recorded Video)
Dr. Beam presented the development of a learning and disinfection activity in VR. (Recorded Video)
Dr. Heizenrader presented the scalable development, deployment, and distribution of immersive content. (Recorded Video)
Chad and Tess presented the Network Effects and introduced the VRAVR Association and associated training program. (Recorded Video)
Dr. Nickla presented “What you should know about technology innovations and intellectual property”. (Recorded Video)

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