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NeVRNER AM6 Highlights

On Oct 7, 2022, about 20 attendants (in-person and virtual) participated in the 6th NeVRNER Annual meeting at the UNeTECH Institute. Luncheon will be sponsored by zSpace. We had 6 groups of VR investigators/innovators presented their works. Please see the highlights below.

Joe Runge, JD, the co-director of UNeTECH, introduced the institute to the audience
Anna Johnston and Noah Wester from Adeptus Interactive presented the “Virtual CMEs using Oculus VR”.
Prof. Jeffrey Falkinburg from University of Nebraska-Lincoln presented the “Husker STEM VR” project.
Beth Beam from UNMC and Brian Ricks from University of Nebraska at Omaha presented the “HEORS VR Triage” Project.
Suhasini Kotcherlakota from UNMC presented the “Teaching and Learning in Metaverse”.
Morgan Shradar and Tess McKinney from UNMC presented the “Infection Prevention & Control in Sterile Processing utilizing XR Education”.
Rebecca Swanson from UNMC presented the “Med Games: Easing the patient journey with play”.

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