University of Nebraska Medical Center

Project of the Month – March 2020

Title: Augmented Photography by Firework Media Studio

Project Description: Taking a still photograph and using software to embed either a video or animation as a hidden Easter Egg within that photo. You can see the egg by using the Augmented Reality App, BlippAR. You can do this with any still photograph or place.  

Future Ways of use at UNMC: Advertisements, Photos of medical items- Embed animations, courses, interactions and videos within each photograph to teach something new to someone, Any item could be used to open a new world of discovery for each student or person who enters UNMC.  Learn about art or the artist as well. 

Method: Augmented Reality App- BlippAR

VR: (na). AR Application BlippAR

People Involved: Tess McKinney/ Owner of Firework Media 

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