University of Nebraska Medical Center

Mark Kusek, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Gastroenterology

Mark Kusek, MD

Dr. Kusek received his MD at UNMC in 2008. From there he completed his residency in Charleston South Carolina and two fellowships. His first fellowship was his Pediatric GI fellowship in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children with Harvard Medical School, directly followed by a Pediatric Motility Fellowship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital with Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. Dr. Kusek decided to move back to the Omaha area to begin working at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. Dr. Kusek brings a lot of new ambition to several programs and areas within both GI and Motility. We are anxious to see where these areas continue to grow.

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About Dr. Kusek


Medical School
University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

Pediatric Gastroenterology - Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, Boston, MA
Pediatric Motility - Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH

Research Interest

Neurogastroenterology and Motilty Disorders, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. Kusek's current research includes: Principal Investigator at our center in the multi-center COMBINE trial (Clinical Ooutcomes of Methotrexate Binary treatment with INfliximab or adalimumab in practicE). This study for pediatric patients with Crohn's disease is investigating the effects of methotrexate vs. placebo in combination with an anti-TNF biologic (infliximab or adalimumab).

Dr. Kusek's current committees include: Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Credentialing Committee and Chrohn's and Colitis Foundation, Nebraska/Iowa Chapter, Board of Directors


Quality Improvement
QI: Physician team member for our center in ImproveCareNow which is not only an international registry of pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease, but also has created a collaborative community where clinicians, researchers, parents and patients are empowered to learn and continuously improve to bring about more reliable, proactive IBD care for healthier children and youth. Our core ICN team includes 2 physicians, 3 RNs, 1 dietitian, 1 psychologist.
  • Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Credentialing Committee 
  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Nebraska/Iowa Chapter, Board of Directors.