Rebekah L. Gundry

Professor and Vice-Chair
Director, CardiOmics Program
Assistant Chief for Basic and Translational Research in Cardiovascular Medicine
BS, 1999, Marquette University
MS, 2001, The George Washington University
PhD, 2006, The Johns Hopkins University

The Gundry laboratory develops and applies innovative mass spectrometry (MS) technologies, bioinformatics tools, and methodologies to transform our understanding of cell surface proteins and glycans and answer outstanding questions in stem cell biology and cardiac pathology. Our platforms promote the development of new reagents and strategies to 1) improve the quality and homogeneity of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes for research and clinical applications, and 2) promote the discovery of therapeutic and monitoring strategies for advanced heart failure.

At the heart of our research program is the tenet that developing innovative technologies and bioinformatic tools will enable us to answer questions that cannot be addressed by current methodologies and will lead to fundamental discoveries that support mechanistic research. We develop and apply innovative MS approaches to identify, characterize, and quantify glycoproteins and glycans in hPSC-CM and primary heart cells. We focus on the subset of molecules localized to the cell surface (i.e. the surfaceome), including transmembrane, GPI-anchored, and ECM proteins and glycans because these can be optimally exploited for immunophenotyping, drug targeting, and are critical players in normal cardiac function and disease.

Working at the interface of analytical chemistry, stem cell biology and cardiac biology, the major tools in our toolbox include protein biochemistry, mass spectrometry, proteomics, metabolomics, glycoproteomics, glycomics, chromatography, immunofluorescence imaging, flow cytometry, and state-of-the art stem cell culturing and differentiation methods.

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