University of Nebraska Medical Center

Arrival Checklist

Welcome to UNMC  and congratulations on your appointment!

This checklist has been prepared to ease your transition into your new position. Although specific departments/units may have additional requirements, in general here's what you'll need to do when you arrive on campus.

If you're new to Omaha, make sure you read our Moving to Omaha guide with important resources for housing, utilities, driver's licenses, childcare and more.

Check in with key individuals

  • Meet with your PI or mentor and be introduced to the people you'll be working with.
  • Visit with your administrator to go over key details related to your department and UNMC.
  • Contact the Global Engagement Office if you are an international scholar with a J-1 or H1B visa.

Complete payroll paperwork

  • If a U.S. citizen, bring your (1) Social Security card and (2) passport or driver’s license.
  • If an International postdoc, bring your (1) Social Security card or SSN request letter and (2) identifying documents as listed on Form I-9.

Get access 

  • Your UNMC ID badge provides access to buildings and secured areas and may be used as an ATM/debit card. To receive your card, bring your driver's license, government-issued ID, military ID or passport with you.
  • Receive your department keys, if applicable.

Determine transportation

Get your technology set up

  • Set up your digital identity at UNMC, including determining your login password.
  • Set up your Outlook email on your UNMC devices or personal devices.

Start your required training