Matthew White, MD

Matthew White, MD

Professor of Radiology and Neuroradiology Division Chief
MRI Fellowship Director

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402-559-1011 (Fax)

Specialty:   Neuroradiology




ASNR 2010 meeting Summa Cum Laude Award for scientific exhibit:  Compact white matter pathways: correlation of T2-weighted imaging with diffusion-tensor imaging tractography.  Matthew L. White, MD, Yan Zhang, MD, Jason T. Helvey, MD, David M. Penn, MD, David P. Poage, MD, Matthew F. Omojola, MD

Research Interest:

Evaluating Survival in Subjects with Primary Intra-axial Brain Tumors by MRI Dynamic Susceptibility Weighted Brain Perfusion Imaging

Funding: Bracco Imaging SpA
Principal Investigator –Matthew L. White, MD. 

The goal of the study is to evaluate subjects with primary intra-axial brain tumors to see how MRI brain tumor perfusion predicts overall survival and progression free survival.  The MRI brain tumor perfusion methodology is contrast based (Multihance) utilizing echo-planar techniques.  Multihance, given its underlying molecular attachment to gadolinium and weak affinity to serum albumin, has been shown to be superlative for echo-planar MRI perfusion analysis.  Given the excellent characteristics of Multihance it was utilized for our MRI brain tumor perfusion exams.

Hypothesis:  We hypothesize that MRI brain tumor perfusion will provide information that is predictive of overall and progression free survival times in subjects with primary intra-axial brain tumors.


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