• Learn about our memberships

    Learn about our memberships

    Memberships are available to Nebraska Medicine employees, along with UNMC faculty, employees, staff, alumni, and volunteers.

  • Follow our intramural blog

    Follow our intramural blog

    The Center for Healthy Living offers a range of intramural activities. Follow our blog to stay up on sign-up dates and standings.

  • Health promotions encourage wellness

    Health promotions encourage wellness

    Through its Center for Healthy Living, UNMC offers health promotions activities and services to encourage wellness among its employees and students.

  • Check out our fitness services and classes

    Check out our fitness services and classes

    The Center for Healthy Living offers fitness classes and assessments for a health-oriented approach to physical activity.  

Re-development  Update

GREAT News! The second floor of the Center for Healthy Living will be open for use tomorrow, Thursday, September 28.  All of the equipment will be available for us!. Please be aware that not all areas are completely finished yet but this is a major step in the right direction.  So, come over and check us out!

Please Note
Access points to the Center for Healthy Living have changed:

  • You may enter the facility through the gymnasium doors until 5:00pm Thursday, September, 29th. They will be closed for fire exit use only after 5:00pm
  • You may also enter the facility through the our new main doors on the north side of the Student Life Building Thursday morning at 8:00am.
  • Beginning September 29th all members will be required to swipe their ID card to get into the fitness center north doors (you will need to take ID card with you if you go outside to run/walk, etc..) 

    NOTE: Those members with old ID cards will be required to get a new proxy ID card.

Memberships, intramural sports & special events and fitness classes are available to all UNMC, UMMC Physicians & Nebraska Medical faculty, staff, students, retirees, alumni, volunteers, contracted employees & affiliated organizations. 

The facility includes: multi-purpose gymnasium, men’s & women’s locker rooms, health & fitness classrooms, massage room and the Thomas M. Heiser Strength & Fitness Facility

Fitness services like consultations can get you started towards your fitness goals. Plus, health programs like campus blood drives, massage and walk/run/cycle training programs are offered throughout the year.