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Naava Naslavsky, PhD

Assistant Professor


Naava Naslavsky


Control of receptor localization to the plasma membrane is central to normal cell function, and dysregulation is the underlying cause for diseases as diverse as atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer. For example, enhanced recycling of growth factor receptors has been implicated in pancreatic carcinoma, breast cancer and other epithelial tumors. Receptor levels on the plasma membrane depend on the rates of internalization and recycling back to the cell surface. Most recycled receptors are transported from early endosomes to the plasma membrane via a transitory recycling compartment, but the regulation of these steps remains poorly understood.

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NIH Program Grant P20 Rr018759, Nebraska Center for Cellular Signaling
GPI-anchored protein trafficking and signal transduction
7/1/09 - 6/30/12