Effective Communication in the Sciences Workshop

The Department of Neurological Sciences and the Center for Clinical & Translational Research will host a half-day skills seminar with presenter Paul Casella, MFA. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016
Check-in begins at: 8:00 AM
Opening Remarks at: 8:30 AM

Sessions are open to all faculty, students, and staff; however pre-registration is required, see the link at right.  Contact Josh Russo (2-2921 or email) for questions.  

Sessions will be held in the Michael F Sorrell Center (Rom 2010.)  Contact Josh Russo if you require parking accommodations.

Writing for Publication

Session 1 (9:00 AM)

A clear and reasoned presentation of ideas is critical to the success of a scientific manuscript. This seminar examines the structures and positions of emphasis in the sentence, paragraph, and sections of the formal study to help authors authorize their claims. Addresses how to deconstruct an article and use it as a guide to inform your writing in manuscripts for submission. Includes a test of reasoning that authors can apply to the articles they read and the papers they write. 

The session also addresses how authors can use writing as a tool for thinking, as well as how to implement a systematic approach to the writing process to improve the content and presentation of data and ideas. Includes suggestions about how to address the needs of the reviewers, editors, and readers of a journal to maximize your chances of publication.

Writing Effective Grant Applications to the NIH

Session 2 (10:30 AM)

This course reviews the principles of good grant writing to produce clear, direct, and compelling proposals. Focuses on understanding the psychology of reviewers and the review process, how to engage readers and facilitate understanding, and how to manage the proposal writing process. Suggests proposal templates. Includes exercises related to specific elements of a proposal, particularly the Specific Aims page.

Provides specific direction on how to best organize and format NIH applications for reader accessibility and impact, including information on