Committee Members

Members of the Clinical Research Developmental Committee are appointed by the Dean of the College of Medicine on a limited-term basis. This committee meets monthly.

All applications are reviewed and approved for scientific merit, relevance and feasibility by the committee. Voting members are UNMC faculty (DO, MD, PhD, PharmD) with diverse research experience and statistical expertise to offer critical advice and constructive guidance.

2023 Committee

Committee Member Unit or College/Department Contact Information
Eric Langewisch, MD
Committee Chair
COM/IM-Nephrology email
phone: 402-559-9227
campus zip: 3040
Windy Alonso, PhD CON email
phone: 402-559-8342
campus zip: 5330
Karsten Bartels, MD, PhD, MBA COM/Anesthesiology email
phone: 402-559-4080
campus zip: 4455
Bradford Becken, MD COM/Pediatrics-ID email
phone: 402-955-4005
campus zip: 2155
Laura Bilek, PT, PhD CAHP/Physical Therapy email
phone: 402-559-6923
campus zip: 4000
Vikas Gulati, MD COM/Ophthalmology email
phone: 402-559-4276
campus zip: 5540
Soonjo Hwang, MD COM/Psychiatry email
phone: 402-552-6002
campus zip: 5578
Erin Iselin, PharmD Research Pharmacy email
phone: 402-559-1665
campus zip: 1090
Matt Lunning, DO COM/IM-Oncology email
phone: 402-559-7164
campus zip: 6840
Chris Shaffer, PharmD, PhD COP/Pharmacy Practice email
phone: 402-559-4326
campus zip: 1090
Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu, PhD CAHP/Physical Therapy email
phone: 402-559-8464
campus zip: 4420
Christopher Wichman, PhD COPH/Biostatistics email
phone: 402-559-8407
campus zip: 4375
Gary Yee, PharmD COP/Pharmacy Practice email
phone: 402-559-2415
campus zip: 6045
Ex officio Members
Matt Boehm, PhD
VP; Director of Licensing
UNeMed email
phone: 402-536-9881
campus zip: 6099
Bradley Britigan, MD
Dean, College of Medicine
COM email
phone: 402-559-8878
campus zip: 6545
Peter Giannini, DDS, MS
Director of CTR at the Cruzan
Center for Dental Research
COD/Oral Biology email
phone: 402-474-4160
campus zip: 68583-0740
LuAnn Larson, RN, BSN, CCRP
Clinical Research Special Projects Manager
VCR/Clinical Research Center email
phone: 402-559-8555
campus zip: 6814
Deborah Meyer, RN, BGS
Research Subject Advocate
VCR/Clinical Research Center email
phone: 402-559-6941
campus zip: 7878