Ethics & Finance


Code of Conduct Policy #8006
Professional and ethical conduct, compliance, reporting misconduct
Conflict of Interest Policy #8010
Responsibilities, financial disclosure, outside employment, covered persons
HIPAA Privacy & Security Policies and Procedures 
Research Integrity Policy #8003
Reporting research misconduct, protecting complainant and respondents, cooperation with inquiries, sequestration of research records
Use & Transfer of Human Tissues Policy #8013
Use and Transfer of tissue, blood products, serum, DNA & other biological materials or specimens.


Clinical Trial Billing

Policy #8008
Professional and Technical Fee Billing, Medicare Qualifying Clinical Trials, Investigational Devices & Clinical Device Trial Pre-Study Evaluations
Direct Cost Policy #6100
Allowed costs on grants from external sources
Facilities & Administration Costs (F&A) Policy #6101
Definition of F&A costs at UNMC, When F&A may be used
Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) SPAdmin Specific Policies and Procedures
Sponsored Project Cost Share Policy #6104
Cost sharing, allowable expenses, effort reporting, approval process