University of Nebraska Medical Center


Experience with e-learning has led several faculty members to increase their scholarly work.

Scholarly work is a key component for promotion and tenure. Here is a list of just a few publications by faculty who have collaborated with E-Learning:

  1. Custer T, Madery R, Vasquez L, Lyden E & Michael K. The Impact of Case-Based e-Learning Pedagogy on Critical Thinking in Imaging Science Students: A Multi-institutional Study. Radiologic Science & Education. 2021; 26(1): 13-21.  
  2. Rohlfsen CJ, Sayles H, Moore GF; Mikuls TR; O'Dell JR; McBrien S, Johnson T, Fowler ZD, Cannella AC.  Innovation in Early Medical Education, No Bells or Whistles Required.  BMC Med Educ 2020; 20:39. PMID 32033553.  
  3. Mukherjee M, Donnelly AD. Initial Assessments of E-learning Modules in Cytotechnology   Education. J Pathol Inform 2018; 9:4.  
  4. Davies HD; Love LM; Becker BJ; Fial AV; Jones T; Moore PA; Magee ML; Liu HY; Gold J. Training Healthcare Providers of the Future. Academic Health Center Best Practices of the Association of Academic Health Centers. 2018 Jun. 
  5. Webster TL; Fial AV; Moore PA; Shope RJ; Rajaram S; Davies HO. Building a Robust E-Learning Module Scorecard: The Nebraska E-Learning Scorecard. Innovations in Health Sciences Education Journal. 2021; ISSN: 2765
Promotion & Tenure

E-Learning for Promotion & Tenure

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