University of Nebraska Medical Center

Rachel Lookadoo, JD

Global Center for Health Security Scholar
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental, Agricultural, and Occupational Health College of Public Health
Director of Legal and Public Health Preparedness

Rachel Lookadoo

Rachel Lookadoo is a public health lawyer and a Scholar of the UNMC Global Center for Health Security. She has worked as an educator, researcher, and subject matter expert, providing guidance to public health and healthcare entities across the United States. At the University, she teaches public health law, disaster law, environmental health law, and emergency preparedness. As a researcher, her interests focus on the various legal and regulatory issues that can arise in emergency preparedness and response. 

In addition to her teaching and research roles, Ms. Lookadoo serves as the Director of Legal and Public Health Preparedness for the Center for Preparedness and Emergency Response Solutions and the Director of Public Health Policy for the Water, Climate, and Health program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In addition to her work in general legal preparedness, she specializes in crisis standards of care, healthcare surge events, isolation/quarantine law, combatting health mis-/dis-information, and public health impacts of climate change and extreme climate events.

One of the primary aims of Ms. Lookadoo’s work is to translate preparedness policy and research findings into practical tools and education for healthcare workers, public health practitioners, and the broader community. Ms. Lookadoo co-led the development of the Nebraska state crisis standards of care plan, which was codified into state law as the Nebraska Health Care Crisis Protocol in 2021. She also co-authored the first comprehensive drought and health assessment in the United States, along with corresponding messaging guidelines for frontline healthcare workers to use with patients in drought-stricken communities. Ms. Lookadoo received her Juris Doctor degree from American University Washington College of Law.