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A Grim Coronavirus Prediction—One Year Later

ABC News Live Primetime interviews Dr. James V. Lawler about his early 2020 COVID-19 predictions that became reality.  He offers insight about mistakes made, lessons learned, and priority changes to better mitigate the risks.


Global Center for Health Security Issues Statement on Face Mask Mandates

Executive leadership at the Global Center for Health Security has issued a signed statement regarding face mask mandates.
GCHS Face Mask Statement
Face Mask Talking Points



Dr. James Lawler Joins Governor Ricketts' Press Conference


Video Q&A: Facts About COVID-19

Infectious diseases expert Kelly Cawcutt, MD, answers questions and dispels myths about the coronavirus in this 19-minute video. Nebraska Medicine/UNMC has led the way in caring for people with COVID-19 in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit and National Quarantine Unit. Fifteen people were transported here for monitoring and UNMC launched the first clinical trial of a drug to treat COVID-19.