University of Nebraska Medical Center


The Global Center for Health Security incorporates four main domains in which its capabilities are highlighted: Education & Training, Clinical Abilities, Research, and Innovation and External Partnerships.


Our expertise is now sought worldwide and officially sanctioned by the U.S. government. The Global Center for Health Security is the home base to the national Training, Simulation, and Quarantine Center. The result of a nearly $20 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), the Training, Simulation, and Quarantine Center encompasses an entire floor of the new $119 million Dr. Edwin G. & Dorothy Balbach Davis Global Center on UNMC’s Omaha campus.

We are the premier U.S. institution for management of high-consequence infections. This is not only due to the nation's largest biocontainment unit, the only federal quarantine facility and sophisticated on-site labs. Nebraska has become the global go-to resource on isolation and biopreparedness thanks to a battle-tested, interdisciplinary team that pioneered and set the standard for dealing safely with infectious pathogens.

We have laser-focused existing work by our leading scientists in fields like chemical weapons, drug discovery and public health. We’ve taken advantage of unique opportunities offered by access to the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit and its world-class team. And we’ve established valuable partnerships with other world leaders and the U.S. military.