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Upcoming Events

R7DHRE AHLS Provider/Instructor Course

Lincoln, NE | July 10-12, 2024

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"Behind The Mask" Webinar Series | 3rd Thur. of the Month | 12PM CST

Join the National Infection Control Strengthening (NICS) team in their new webinar Series: Behind the Mask, which focuses on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). Robust IPC are vital in ensuring that patients and healthcare workers are protected from harm and avoidable infections. In a healthcare landscape marked by evolving health challenges, stringent regulatory requirements, and overextended Infection Preventionists, this webinar series aims to help IPs understand core principles and essential components of building a successful Infection Prevention Program while empowering IPs to apply identified topics to their practice.

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Achieving Data Quality and Integrity in Clinical Trials Involving High Consequence Pathogens — Clinical Course

The GCHS and the University of Texas Medical Branch Collaborative Program are hosting the FDA-sponsored “Achieving Data Quality and Integrity in Clinical Trials Involving High Consequence Pathogens” clinical course from July 30-August 1, 2024. There are no fees associated with course attendance, and the event is in-person and virtual. This three day (two days for virtual attendees) interactive course allows participants to enhance knowledge and integrate practical considerations for the planning and operation of clinical research protocols involving medical countermeasures for high consequence pathogens. Course participants acquire knowledge through innovative learning platforms and problem-based scenarios that help identify and mitigate barriers to data quality and integrity in domestic and international barrier environments. Day 3 of the course (for in-person attendees only) will focus on Workplace Risk Assessments, Donning and Doffing of high level PPE, Waste Management, and Simulation Exercises in Mock Barrier Environment. These activities will take place at UNMC’s Training, Simulation, and Quarantine Center (TSQC).

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Past Events

Never Again Summit Series

The Global Center for Health Security's Never Again: Pandemic Readiness Summit Series is a continuing sequence of chapters that focus on conversations on global health, pandemic readiness, and health security.

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