University of Nebraska Medical Center

Steven Yeh, MD

Global Center for Health Security Scholar
Stanley Truhlsen Jr. Endowed Chair and Director
Ophthalmology & Retina and Uveitis
Nebraska Medicine Truhlsen Eye Institute

Steven Yeh


Steven Yeh, MD, currently is currently the Stanley Truhlsen Jr. Endowed Chair, Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Retina and Uveitis at the Truhlsen Eye Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center. After residency and chief residency at the Baylor College of Medicine, he completed an uveitis and medical retina fellowship at the National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, followed by a vitreoretinal surgery fellowship at the Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health and Science University.

Dr. Yeh specializes in infectious diseases of the eye, immunotherapy for noninfectious uveitis, suprachoroidal drug delivery, multimodality imaging, and the pathogenesis of ocular inflammation. More recently, Dr. Yeh has provided care and investigated the spectrum of uveitis in Ebola survivors in the U.S., West Africa, and Central Africa and has been involved with the AAO COVID-19 response and understanding the ophthalmic implications.  

Dr. Yeh’s clinical and translational research interests have led to his authorship on over 180 publications with considered focus on ocular complications of emerging infectious diseases and infectious diseases of public health impact including Ebola, COVID-19, Lassa fever, herpes simplex, varicella zoster, syphilis, and tuberculosis.  He works closely with experts in infectious disease, public and global health, molecular genomics researchers and immunologists to understand vision-threatening infectious eye diseases in both well-resourced and resource-limited settings. The ultimate goal of these programs is to understand these eye diseases, educate health care providers, and build capacity for management of eye diseases in areas where vision health systems strengthening is needed.

He is currently a member of American Uveitis Society Executive Committee, American Society of Retina Specialists, Retina Society, Macula Society, and WHO Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network.  Dr. Yeh is currently funded through NIH grants, an ARVO grant, industry and philanthropic foundation support, and he has mentored over 60 retina fellows, residents and medical students in clinical care and research. 

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