Poster Session 1

Poster Session 1 (Faculty/Graduate Students/Undergraduate Students)

  1. Name: Hailey Davis
    Title: Maternal Risk of Pre-eclampsia and the CRP Variant, rs2808629

  2. Name: Ayotunde Paul Ikujuni
    Title: Characterization of Folding Stages of TolC, an Outer-Membrane Component of Antibiotic Efflux

  3. Name: Carrie Olson-Manning
    Title: Analysis of the leaf metabolome of Arabidopsis thaliana mutation accumulation lines reveals association of pleiotropy and fitness consequences

  4. Name: Aaron Mehus
    Title: Activation of PPARγ and inhibition of cell proliferation reduces key proteins associated with the basal subtype of bladder cancer in As3+-transformed UROtsa cells

  5. Name: Swojani Shrestha
    Title: Down regulation of lysosomal and mTOR related genes in human renal tubular epithelial cells composed of the progenitor CD133+/CD24+ cells and CD24+ cells by elevated glucose

  6. Name: Maia Bennett
    Title: Development of A Novel Flow Cytometry-Based Human NK Cell-Mediated ADCC Assay

  7. Name: Michael Douchey
    Title: Probing Astrocyte Structure in Fragile X Syndrome Using Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

  8. Name: Laura Cogua
    Title: Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Multivalent 1,2,3- Triazolium Salts 

  9. Name: Shane Scholten
    Title: Ischemic Preconditioning Increases Average Power Output Across a 3 Minute Cycling Time Trial: A Randomized Control Trial

  10. Name: Samaya Kallepalli
    Title: Investigation of ruthenium complex electrochemiluminescence at gold electrodes modified with different chain length alkanethiols

  11. Name: Dustin Slivka
    Title: Effects of exercise training in the heat on females

  12. Name: Kurt Zimmerman
    Title: Exploring the heterogeneity of kidney resident macrophages using single cell RNA sequencing 

  13. Name: Addison Grinnell
    Title: A density-dependent requirement of PBP1B for cells to grow after disruption of the MreB-PBP2 elongation complex requires a minimum cell density

  14. Name: Kristy Kounovsky-Shafer
    Title: Acrylamide characterization to be used in the elution and concentration of Lambda concatemer DNA molecules

  15. Name: Eliezer Lichter
    Title: Investigating the role of mitochondrial DNA methylation in aging and in a mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease

  16. Name: Kumi Nagamoto-Combs
    Title: Behavioral consequences of food allergy and associated intestinal dysbiosis

  17. Name: Benjamin Nelson
    Title: Interactions of Cryptococcus neoformans with Human Airway Phagocytes

  18. Name: Annemarie Shibata
    Title: Investigating mutations associated with mild-to-moderate Carnitine Palmitotransferase II Deficiency and Schizophrenic Psychosis to understand metabolic signaling in CNS development and function.

  19. Name: Samantha Mercer
    Title: Determining host-T4BSS interactions of Coxiella burnetii using proximity labeling

  20. Name: Erin Gross
    Title: Comparison of mobile phone and CCD cameras for detection of biogenic amines via Ruthenium complex electrogenerated chemiluminescence

  21. Name: Alexander Kloth
    Title: Sex-dependent impacts of environmental enrichment on Angelman Syndrome mice

  22. Name: Gwyneth Velasco
    Title: Chemical attraction of ticks (Parasitiformes: Ixodidae) to decomposition volatile organic chemicals

  23. Name: Meera Cao
    Title: Three Transketolases in Salmonella enterica Contribute to Defending Against Oxidative and Nitrosative Stresses

  24. Name: Alexandra Van Cleave
    Title: Analysis of bacterial growth in the presence of glmS riboswitch ligand analogs

  25. Name: Afrina Brishti
    Title: Effect of repeated allergen exposure on cognitive functions and behavior in a mouse model of cow’s milk allergy

  26. Name: Jesse Bueno
    Title: Sensory nerve depletion aids tumor development while neuropeptide inhibition impedes further development of established tumors

  27. Name: Rajesh Kandel
    Title: Constructing a Micro Fabry-Perot Cavity System for Raman Detection and Characterization of Chemical Properties of Nanoscale Materials

  28. Name: Armaan Kumar
    Title: Impact of calcium binding on the residue connectivity of Tcb2

  29. Name: Garret Gloeb
    Title: Comparative study of residue dynamic coupling across prion proteins from species with distinct susceptibility to prion diseases

  30. Name: Benjamin Brandsen
    Title: Production of highly diverse lasso peptides by a single biosynthetic pathway

  31. Name: Padmashri Ragunathan
    Title: Behavioral alterations in a mouse model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

  32. Name: Matthew Osmanski, Kelly Kleekamp, and Josh Schumacher
    Title: Inhibition of Biofilm Formation by Mammalian Placenta Extracts

  33. Name: Taylor McDonald Hamilton
    Title: Understanding the binding mechanisms between CAF-1 and PCNA mutants

  34. Name: Keely Orndorff
    Title: Using X-ray Crystallography to determine the mechanism of interaction between Gene Silencing Proteins
  35. Name: Michelle Holt
    Title: Intersection of ParE toxin expression and antibiotic susceptibility in pathogenic bacteria

  36. Name: Neal Sinha
    Title: Solving the Structure of the interaction between PCNA and CAF-1 via X-ray crystallography 

  37. Name: Michael Kinter
    Title: IDeA National Resource for Quantitative Proteomics.

  38. Name: Chun Wu
    Title: In silico and In vitro investigation of the role of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Acinetobacter baumannii in the pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis

  39. Name: Srivatsan Kidambi

  40. Name: Olivia Burleigh
    Title: Long non-coding RNAs alter microglial response in viral model of Multiple Sclerosis

  41. Name: Rajesh Kandel
    Title: Constructing a micro Fabry-Perot Cavity System for Raman detection and characterization of chemical properties of nanoscale materials