Poster Session 2

Poster Session 2 (DRPP Faculty/Graduate Students/Undergraduate Students)

  1. Name: Lynne Dieckman
    Title: Structure and function of complexes that regulate gene silencing

  2. Name: Zixuan Yao
    Title: The use of mobile application for self-management in patients with Parkinson’s disease: From forming diverse team to securing research support

  3. Name: Lillian Behm
    Title: Measuring the relationship between periadolescent memory ability and hippocampal functional connectivity: preliminary findings from the PRANK study

  4. Name: Connor Joseph Phipps
    Title: Graph properties of functional brain networks and associations with cognition in periadolescence

  5. Name: Janelle N. Beadle
    Title: Effects of Alexithymia on caregiver empathy

  6. Name: Lavanya Uppala
    Title: Characterization of UNO-SLW2 virus infection of Pseudomonas fluorescens using RNA Sequencing

  7. Name: Thien Q. Tran
    Title: Effects of hFWE3 on the selection of aggressive cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cSCC) populations

  8. Name: Akram Almansob
    Title: Filamentation of Candida albicans in different inducing media

  9. Name: Jicheng Fu
    Title: Towards a practical approach for assessing pressure relief activities for manual wheelchair users in their daily lives

  10. Name: Phil Bourne
    Title: The protein production and characterization core facility

  11. Name: Seth Griger
    Title: Comparing the courtship rituals and sexual characters of two sister species of Schizocosa wolf spiders

  12. Name: Faith Kozisek
    Title: Physiological significance of superoxide dismutase in S. aureus

  13. Name: Diane Smith
    Title: Wicozani Waste: A healthy lifestyle for rural American Indian youth through cultural and physical activities: A community-based participatory research study

  14. Name: Kevin Rice
    Title: Mining metagenome-assembled genomes to quantity bacterial Dimethylsulfoniopropionare (DMSP) synthesis potential

  15. Name: Rhiannon McCracken
    Title: Structural and functional analysis of Crassostrea gigas OAZ1-PK RNA

  16. Name: Seth Harriet
    Title: Design, fabrication, and mechanical testing of bioresorbable PCL flow diverters

  17. Name: Shaoning Jiang
    Title: Fetal liver peroxisomal defects in response to maternal high fat diet

  18. Name: Katrina Jensen
    Title: Adapting enantioselective photoredox reactions to catalysts with earth abundant metals

  19. Name: Kaitlyn Tidwell
    Title: Biocompatibility analysis of Polycaprolactone (PCL) flow diverters for brain aneurysm treatment

  20. Name: Alvaro Moreno Lozano
    Title: Optimizing techniques to quantify neurite length in rat DRG explants in vitro

  21. Name: Nashanthea Roland
    Title: Method for studying Cholinergic neurons in terms of Alzheimer's Disease

  22. Name: Leoanrd Thomas
    Title: The University of Oklahoma Biomolecular Structure Core: Oklahoma COBRE in Structural Biology

  23. Name: Se-Ran Jun
    Title: A real-time genomic surveillance for infection control and antibiotic stewardship

  24. Name: Maddy Sladky
    Title: Using bred to identify essential genes that affect the lysogenic life-cycle found in a bacteriophage’s genome

  25. Name: Nathan de la Montanya
    Title: A general method for deubiquitination assay

  26. Name: Vinay Swami
    Title: Identification of brain signaling from post-traumatic brain injury shock

  27. Name: Andrew Trease
    Title: Mitochondrial homeostasis and function is altered by modulation of Parkin activity in a mouse model of aging

  28. Name: Kade Wehrs
    Title: SATB1 forms homodimers independent of DNA

  29. Name: Rachel Armfield
    Title: Differential gene expression and smooth muscle differentiation in a murine model of maternal Phenylketonuria

  30. Name: Sarah Altman
    Title: MUC4 autoantibody signatures for refining vaccine design and patient stratification in pancreatic cancer.

  31. Name: Ronit Gandhi
    Title: Utilizing Markov chains to estimate allele progression through generations
  32. Name: Melville B. Vaughan
    Title: In vitro aging enhances the Dupuytren’s Contracture myofibroblast phenotype

  33. Name: Jordan Rasmussen
    Title: MnTnBuOE-2-PyP5+, a Superoxide Dismutase mimic, induces vasodilation in hypertension: A mechanistic investigation

  34. Name: Scott P. Mattison
    Title: Cochlear mechanics of the developing chicken embryo

  35. Name: Alexis Burke
    Title: Using Raman spectroscopy to view carbon monoxide bonded to heme on gold nanoparticle platforms

  36. Name: Hailey Davis, McKayla Gourneau, Tyler Parisien, Lyle G. Best
    Title: Maternal Risk of Pre-eclampsia and the CRP Variant, rs2808629

  37. Name: Patricia Soto
    Title: Cellular prion protein gene polymorphisms linked to differential scrapie susceptibility correlate with distinct residue connectivity between secondary structure elements

  38. Name: Samuel Streeter
    Title: The role of viruses in ocular surface tumors

  39. Name: Trey Farmer
    Title: Characterization of Pink1/Parkin double knockout rats: A novel animal model for Parkinson’s disease