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NeVRNER AM7 Recaps

On Nov 16, NeVRNER had our annual meeting at the UNeTECH Institute. The meeting attracted more than 30 participants from different states and regions to share their interest in using VR and technologies for research and education. Here are some recaps from the events:

Joe Runge, Co-Director of UNeTECH Institute, kicked off the event.
Brian Maass and Noah Wester talked about 3D Modeling using 3D-Gravity Sketch VR
Sophia Jensen (Medical student) shared her project in VR continuing Medical Education Software
UNC IPEP XR Collab Team Discussion, led by Elizabeth Stone from University of North Carolina in Chapter Hill.
James Gehringer shared his works in leveraging VR for enhancing skill development in individuals
with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
William Higgins talked about Behavioral Skill Training Technology lab at MMI.
Final Group Picture. What’s a successful event!

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