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7th NeVRNER Annual Meeting – Registration Opens

The NeVRNER 7th Annual Meeting 2023 will be on Nov 16 at 10am. You can join us in person at UNeTECH Institute (3949 Harney Street, Omaha NE) or via Zoom. Please scan the QR code below for free registration. Luncheon will be sponsored by zSpace!

Here are some exciting presentation topics at the meeting:

  • A Bottom-Up Approach to Growing an XR Network in Higher Education: UNC Chapel-Hill’s Experience
  • Virtual Reality Continuing Medical Education Software: Intubation Module
  • Leveraging Virtual Reality for Enhancing Skill Development in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Establishing a Collaborative Technology Training and Research Lab in Intellectual and Developmental Disability Care
  • XR Limb: Virtual Augmentations and Synesthesia

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