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Project of the Month – March 2021

This exciting project about the use of VR for COVID-19 Primary Care Nursing is conducted by our NeVRNER member, Dr. Beth Culross from UNMC College of Nursing. This project is supported by AACN Faculty Scholars Grants, and highlighted in the following announcement:

Foundation for Academic Nursing Announces Inaugural Recipients of the AACN Faculty Scholars Grants

“Supporting excellence and innovation in nursing education drives AACN’s mission and the work of the Foundation for Academic Nursing,” said AACN President and CEO Deborah Trautman. “AACN is proud to announce our first two Faculty Scholars whose work will help advance academic nursing’s priorities in the area of competency-based education and disaster response.”

Immersive Virtual Reality for COVID-19 Primary Care Nursing: With new forms of technology becoming more widely available for virtual simulation, nurse educators must understand the purpose and effectiveness of emerging modalities, including Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR). Led by Dr. Culross, this project will focus on the integration of innovative technology into course delivery to enhance nursing education models and increase the competency of nursing students in the care of COVID-19 patients using primary care and telehealth.    

Findings from these studies will be shared with the academic nursing community and published in the Journal of Professional Nursing. AACN will be issuing a new call for applications for a second round of AACN Faculty Scholar grants in early 2021.

Congratulations to Beth.

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