Becky Johnson Beller - Student Spotlight

Becky Johnson Beller is a BSN to PhD/FNP student in UNMC’s College of Nursing. She is also a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Liane Connelly and Dr. Christine Eisenhauer.

Research/professional interests: My primary goal is to decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease through primary prevention strategies. My target population is adults at risk for cardiovascular disease in the rural setting. I have chosen to focus on one of the modifiable risk factors, namely, dietary intake, to achieve my research goal. Eating a healthy diet is a challenging and a worthwhile goal as it is difficult to sustain long-term.

Why I chose a PhD in nursing: After the diagnosis of my father’s colon cancer and participation in his care until his passing, the impact of choices (ie. unhealthy eating and physical inactivity) we as individuals make day to day has resounded with me. By choosing a PhD in nursing, I want to incorporate differing strategies in the clinical setting to offset cardiovascular disease.

What I like about UNMC: I enjoy the friendship and support from colleagues and faculty at UNMC. Being a Graduate Assistant has opened the door to meeting faculty at UNMC beyond the student/professor relationship.

Professional memberships:

Three things people may not know about me: