Improving Primary Health Care

UNMC College of Nursing has been awarded $2.6 million from US Health Services & Resources Administration (HRSA) grant for “A State-Wide Nursing Education Model for Improving Primary Health Care in Nebraska”. This 4-year project is designed to prepare a new generation of nurses for primary care practice.

Preparing nurses for primary care practice is part of a national movement to value-based care. This change in health care deliver has highlighted the need for professional nurses in primary care practice to support complex activities such as care coordination, quality improvement, and addressing the needs of medically and socially complex patients. HRSA refers to this nursing role as “enhanced primary care nursing".

The UNMC College of Nursing project has 3 major aims:

  1. Developing and implementing a program of post-graduate training for nurses in enhanced primary care nursing, the PriCare Fellowship;
  2. Work with the undergraduate faculty to integrate “enhanced primary care” into the curriculum; and,
  3. Pilot a clinic project in partnership with North Omaha Area Health in north Omaha, and the rural health clinics affiliated with Franklin Memorial Health System in Franklin, NE to implement and demonstrate the impact of an enhanced primary care nurse-led intervention with medically and socially complex patients (high need, high cost).

Opportunities for community involvement include: