The College of Nursing (CON) offers options to take courses for non-degree seeking students. This option is for students who want to complete a prerequisite course, further, their professional ability, or advance in their professional skills and/or education. Students can complete courses for either undergraduate or graduate/professional credit. Enrollment preference is always given to our current degree and certificate seeking students first, with the option to enroll non-degree students upon availability.

If you are applying for an NRSG 800 or 900 level course, you must apply to the Graduate Studies Non-Degree seeking application. Do not apply to College of Nursing for any 800 or 900 level course, including BIOS 806 or EPI 820. More information on their process can be found at Office of Graduate Studies - Non-Degree Students.

If you are interested in taking a non-degree course through UNMC CON (undergraduate or 600 level) please email us at and provide the specific course(s) you are interested in taking. This helps us to expediate the process and determine if there are open seats before sending you a link to our non-degree application.