Voice Assistant User Preference for Pain Self-Management

Why are we doing this study?

What problem is being addressed by the study?

Who is the research lead and what is this team doing to address the problem?

Is the methodology new or innovative?

Why are volunteers needed for the study?

Who may be eligible for the study?
Volunteers are eligible who:

Have had pain that has lasted for 3 months or longer, are 60 years of age or older, have taken pain medicine prescribed by a doctor or bought over the counter, and have a computer or laptop, internet access, and email address.

What are the expectations of study participants?

How do we hope the study will, ultimately, impact patients?

Who to contact to qualify with phone and email or link to qualifying information?

Dr. Marcia Shade, CON-Omaha Division - 402-559-6641 marcia.shade@unmc.edu or Rasila Soumana Hama Graduate Research Assistant Omaha, 402-216-5468

IRB#: 761-19-EP