University of Nebraska Medical Center

Alyson Baker, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Critical Care

Dr. Alyson Baker

About Dr. Baker


2013  M.D., Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

2016  Residency in Pediatrics, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Hartford, CT

2019  Fellowship in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

2020  Masters of Science in Clinical Research, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

2021  Fellowship in Pediatric Neurocritical Care, Saint Louis Children's Hospital at Washington University, Saint Louis, MO

Research Interests
  • Neuromonitoring techniques in neurocritical care
  • Clinical pathway development centered around neurocritical care diagnosis
Patient Care
Board Certification
  • AB Pediatrics - Pediatrics
  • AB Pediatrics - Critical Care
  • Baker AK, Beardsley AL, Leland BD, Moser EA, Lutfi R, Cristea AI, Rowan CM. Predictors of Failure of Non-Invasive Ventilation in Critically Ill Children. (accepted for publication in Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care)
  • Baker AK, Carroll CL, Grindle CR, Sala KA, Cowl AS. Assessing Frequency of Respiratory Complications in Children Undergoing Adenotonsillectomy. Pediatr Critical Care Medicine 2020; 21 (7): e426-e430. PMID: 32195901
  • Baker AK, Carroll CL. High Dose Magnesium Infusions for Acute Asthma in Children: If A Little Is Good, Is A Lot Even Better? Pediatr Crit Care 2016; 17(2): 177-178. PMID: 26841033.
  • Sullivan BP, Kassel KM, Manley S, Baker AK, Luyendyk JP. Regulation of transforming growth factor-β1-dependent integrin β6 expression by p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in bile duct epithelial cells. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2011 May;337(2):471-8. PMID: 21303922
  • Baker AK, Wang R, Mackman N, Luyendyk JP. Rapamycin enhances LPS induction of tissue factor and tumor necrosis factor-alpha expression in macrophages by reducing IL-10 expression. Mol Immunol. 2009 Jul;46 (11-12):2249-55. PMID: 19447494